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The Vision

A development team hard at work at iOSDevCamp

It’s been over sixteen (16) years since our first event, one week after the launch of iPhone in 2007. We’ve produced dozens of events, seen hundreds of demos and touched thousands of lives since then. My own life has been enriched and fulfilled beyond measure with the people I’ve met, collaborated with, and helped along the way.

Winners of our “coopetition” have gone on to do amazing things:

  • Find cofounders (Like GetAround and Square)
  • Build and sell a company (to the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon, Disney, Oracle, Microsoft and Adobe)
  • Invent new technologies or techniques (like TestFlight and OAuth)

I expect that VisionDevCamp will produce similar results. However, some of the greatest success at our events are the “smallest” wins:

  • Families coding and building together—and then launching careers
  • Children becoming leaders—then producing events of their own
  • Shy people overcoming a fear of speaking—and then winning big

Developer Camp (iPhoneDevCamp, iPadDevCamp, iOSDevCamp, etc) is more than a series of events. It’s a movement that supports innovation worldwide. It’s a pattern that inspires creativity and ideas that come from anywhere—and everywhere.

Raven and I share a vision for the future, where the magic of Apple’s new platform brings people together and ignites the imagination. I’ve had the privilege of using Apple Vision Pro, of developing my own app for it—and I have to say right now: it is AMAZING.

I’ve been a stalwart fan since programming on the Apple IIc in elementary school. I’m deeply familiar with some of the underlying technologies—and the challenges that must be overcome to produce a seamless experience on Apple Vision Pro. The result of Apple’s design and engineering is astounding, and you should be building for this platform if you haven’t already started.

Our vision for this camp is for us all to discover the potential of visionOS, break new ground together and build a community that endures. I hope you’ll join us and be the first, the best, the fastest—or at least have the most fun 🙂