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Dom Sagolla

VisionDevCamp Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the first ever VisionDevCamp — the world’s largest gathering of Apple Vision Pro developers and devices in history! Over 120 people (more than 56 Apple Vision Pro devices — pictured above) came together in Santa Clara, CA from March 29-31, 2024. By the way, there were another 20 or so devices that didn’t make it into the photo — check out the gallery. We had an amazing weekend: The people pictured above were recognized by the participants awarding them blue tickets after they offered assistance — many of them multiple times. Our most sacred value… Read More »VisionDevCamp Winners

Vision Pro Launch Date Feb. 2 — Stay Tuned

The team is excited to learn today of Apple’s plans to launch Vision Pro on Friday, February 2nd — with pre-orders starting at 5am Friday, January 19th. Our top priority is to secure a venue and an appropriate date for VisionDevCamp. Please reach out to us if you have access to a venue suitable for hundreds of developers with: Read more about our ideal location from past events. Once we have located a space we will have more visibility on the date. Stay tuned, thanks.

The Vision

It’s been over sixteen (16) years since our first event, one week after the launch of iPhone in 2007. We’ve produced dozens of events, seen hundreds of demos and touched thousands of lives since then. My own life has been enriched and fulfilled beyond measure with the people I’ve met, collaborated with, and helped along the way. Winners of our “coopetition” have gone on to do amazing things: I expect that VisionDevCamp will produce similar results. However, some of the greatest success at our events are the “smallest” wins: Developer Camp (iPhoneDevCamp, iPadDevCamp, iOSDevCamp, etc) is more than a series… Read More »The Vision